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Ecu Remap Gearbox Pogramming Coding Diagnostics England, Scotland, Welsh

Remap Tuning File Online

We specialize in remap files and tuning files online worldwide, and mobile service in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

Remap file online service provides top-quality tuning files for ECU programming professionals and enthusiasts, UK and worldwide.

Tuning files are available for a wide range of Car, Van, Motorcycle, Scooter, of to enhance the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

Sgtm can easily get your ECU and TCU files tuned to any Stage 1, 2, or 3+ to enhance horsepower, improve torque, or reduce emissions, our experienced technicians are here to provide reliable and efficient ecu programming clone remap services.

Ecu remaps files online mobile service, UK

Remap File Service

Remap File Service | Tuning Files Online | Mobile Ecu Remap File Birmingham West Midlands UK

Professional ECU remapping online and mobile UK?

Looking for professional ECU remapping services online? Look no further! Our mobile ECU file service operates throughout Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, Wales, and Ireland, offering top-notch tuning file online services for your vehicle.

Our tuning file online service is highly efficient and refined, requiring only 45-90minutes to fine-tune your vehicle file.

Online tuning file services make it convenient for clients to optimize their vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency from the comfort of their location.

Remapping online of Ecu, Ecm, Pcm, Tcu original bin file, with a custom-made Ecu maps performance, stage 1,2,3 or fuel economy service for Birmingham, Welsh, Scotland, and Europe, Worldwide.

From £70

 Stage 1 Ecu Remap |

Stage 1 Ecu Remap

Stage 1 ecu remap. We do individual changes for fuel injection, start of injection, turbocharger, boost pressure, rail pressure, turbine, injection time, torque request and more.

Stg.1 Remap Option

From £99

Stage 2, 3 Ecu Remap |

Stage 2, 3 Ecu Remap

The's stage 2, 3 ecu remap is recommended for a highly modified engine with hybrid turbochargers, bigger injectors, modified high-pressure fuel,   intercooler or other upgrades to the engine.

Stg.2,3 Remap Option

Tuning files online remap file

Car | Motorcycle-Bike | Scooter | Van | Pick-up

Online tuning file stage 1, 2, 3+ will improve engine performance!

Stage 1 Remap file online: It's designed to work with standard fully stocked components or lightly upgraded vehicle to optimize ecu engine performance. To a safe and comfortable level of drivability not forgetting exhaust system dpf, egr, intake, turbocharger, intercooler, and catalytic for fuel economy.

Remap file online stage 1, modification doesn’t require any other engine mod to make it work.

Our tuning file online service is available for a wide range of vehicles; Abarth, Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Ford, Lexus, Toyota, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën, Dacia, Hyundai, Honda, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Opel, Vauxhall, Mini, Renault, Škoda, Seat, Smart, Subaru, Volvo, Mazda and more. 

Online ecu remap file was created to make car remapping easier! The ecu unlocks the potential power that manufacture has left on the original ecu maps.

Stage 2 Remaps: it's the next chip tuning level of the stage 1 tuning file and hardware. Coupled with a stage 3 additional engine upgrades such as turbocharger hybrid, intercooler, downpipes, exhausts induction kits or modified intake and more. Provides transformed performance and to push the engine to the safe limits.


Stage 3+Remapping: is one step further from stage 2 to stage 3+ ecu remapping, changing the ultimate engine components upgrade for your vehicle, such as:

  • Turbocharger or Hybrid
  • Injectors or Head Injector
  • Large Intercooler 
  • Camshaft 
  • Crankshaft 
  • Clutch 
  • Engine Block 
  • Cylinders and more

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Dpf delete software 

Dpf, FAP deletes the system software from the original ecu stock file in few steps; online or by post. 

After the dpf system was deleted from ecu software, all the commands used by the ecu to communicate with dpf and subsequently stop any further regeneration or dpf problems, if there are few examples dpf faults.

  • Fuel Consumption. 
  • Failure of engine to start. 
  • Limp Mode. 
  • P2453 Diesel Particle Filter. 
  • Differential Pressure Sensor.
  • P2458 00: Dpf Regeneration Duration.
  • P246F Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor.
  • Dpf Fault Code is different depending on the vehicle model.

Dpf delete benefit? 

More power after dpf was deleted from ecu software, and diesel particle filer was removed from exhaust.

Improve fuel economy 5% -10% and improve how effectively the engine works after dpf was deleted.

Deleting the DPF from ecu software and exhaust reduce maintenance expenses.

Increased engine performance.

Dpf delete service Birmingham. Dpf software removal, West Midlands. Dpf deleted from ecu. Online dpf delete. Postal dpf delete. Filter anti-pollution delete. Catalytic deleted from ecu Birmingham. Best option dpf removal Birmingham. 

Dpf Delete Remove |

Dpf Deleted

For dpf delete, we use various methods; and to disable regeneration of dpf systems. After successful shutdown, a filter can be removed from the exhaust system without causing error codes or limp mode.


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Lambda Delete |

Lambda delete off

It is possible to eliminate the lambda sensor if the catalyst has been removed. However, the initial lambda sensor will continue to regulate, fuel, and maintain the correct lambda values, and it will not detect low efficiency catalytic or dpf.


Adblue Delete Service |

Adblue delete 

Adblue deletes software or combines to disable adblue. After a successful shutdown, the whole adblue system can be removed without data trouble codes or safe mode.


Engine Cold-Worm Start Ecu Fix |

Cold, Warm start fix

Cold and warm starting problems, some cars have a bug in the ecu software, causing big problems with starting the engine when it is hot or warm. Replacing the starter will help, but we offer an alternative to fixing the ecu software.


Speed Limit Removal |

Speed limiter removed

Almost every vehicle has an absolute speed limiter, some has 190 km/h others 250 km/h. We can remove, lower or increase this speed limiter according to needs.


Egr Delete Solution |

Egr delete from ecu 

To turn off egr delete valve, we use different solutions for different models. In the end, the egr is switched off and causes no more problems. The engine will be more efficient with better remap fuel economy.

Egr delete

We can delete egr valve, the software from the ecu to eliminate any problem that puts the car into limp mode or puts the engine management light on the dashboard.

EGR Delete Benefits:

  • Improved Fuel Economy 
  • Lower Engine Temperature 
  • Reduce Clogged Intake Systems
  • Engine Longer Lifespan
  • Fuel Economy

EGR Valve Fault :

  • Egr valve block in open position. Excessive Gas Flow.
  • Egr valve block in closed position 
  • Egr solenoid open circuit
  • Black smoke

Egr delete Birmingham. Egr removal from ecu. Egr delete from ecu West Midlands. Egr programming mobile service. Egr delete online. 

Why should you choose us?

  • We provide reliable truck remaps and ECU programming with tuning files tested for optimal performance.

  • Known for helping chip tuning companies around the world.

  • We offer customized ECU tuning software files that provide the highest level of performance and transparency.

  • A quick and organized service after the sale.


 Immobiliser Decoding |

Immobiliser Delete 

The immobiliser delete is a service that reprograms the engine control unit to ignore the faulty immobiliser. It is most common when an immobiliser stops recognizing a key fob, or when a clone of a key fob or a reprogrammed one will not work with your vehicle.


Nox Sensor Delete |

NOX Sensor off

Our team of experts can help you with various services, including NOX sensor off. We specialize in providing reliable solutions for your vehicle's performance. Trust us to optimize your vehicle's electronic control unit for enhanced efficiency and improved driving experience.

The presence of NOX gases can cause various problems. 

From £30  

Original Ecu File Truck  Agricole Bus Construction  |

Original Ecu File 


Original ecu files guarantees that your vehicle's engine management system is optimized to perform at its best while maintaining reliability and efficiency. Our original ecu stock files database includes for Car, Trucks, Tractors, Construction, Bus, Coach, Motorcycle, Scooter, Jet, Boat, Outboard Engine.

File Request


Rpm Limitar Delete |

Take out the RPM rev limiter

It's possible to disable the limiter. It depends on the vehicle, some have it, others don't.

We can lower or increase this limiter as desired.

However, these modifications come with certain risks that need to be considered.


Start Stop Buton Disable |

Start & Stop Disable

If your vehicle has Auto Start/Stop, we have the solution.

It can be very annoying to have to switch off the car every time it is driven to avoid it disconnecting itself. The memory saves how the engine stops and starts and brings it back when you turn on the ignition.

We can start and stop disable for ecu software. 


Original Ecu File Motorcycle, Scooter |

Motorbike Ecu File


Our expert team specializes in working with original ecu files to provide accurate custom original and tuning files that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our Database includes Original Ecu Files for Motorcycle, Scooters, ATV.

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Dtc Delete Online |

DTC Removal Diagnostics

A diagnostic trouble code, or DTC, is a code composed of one letter and four numbers indicating the vehicle's problem.

We can remove DTC and turn off any diagnostic trouble code DTC from your ECU causing you problems, for example, check engine light on. 

From £100

 Airbag Data Crash Reset  |

Airbag Crash Data Reset 

Clear airbag crash data to our expertise in ECU programming, where we specialize in airbag module resets.

Resetting the airbag or removing the crash data from your SRS module allows you to reuse the unit, turning off the airbag warning light, without having to purchase a new expensive SRS module. 

Read more here>>

From £85  

Original Ecu File Car, Van, Pickup Truck |

Cars ORI Ecu File


Original ecu file backup, If you bricked ecu or bad ecu flash, the software crash. We offer original ecu stock file, what covers 95% of vehicles on the road. Trust our skilled technicians to develop a tailored solution for your vehicle by utilizing original ecu files for a seamless and professional tuning experience.

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Throttle Valve  Delete |

Throttle Valve Delete

Throttle valve actuators control how much air or mixture goes into the combustion engine.

The better airflow makes the turbo start faster, which makes the throttle response and overall power better.

We can disable the software's throttle and will resolve any issues with the stock map.


Torque Monitiring Disable |

Torque Monitoring Off

Torque monitoring function, this function makes ecu detect if the values of torque are inconsistent with predefined ones and this will make the car go into safe mode or limp mode. By turning torque monitoring off online, you can unlock the full capabilities of your vehicle's engine, allowing for a more driving experience.

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Swirl Flap Remove |

Swirl Flap Remove

Our ecu programming services include specialized solutions like Swirl Flap Remove, aimed at enhancing your vehicle's performance and efficiency.

These swirl flap actuators can fail, along with the position sensors, this can result in the flaps staying in the closed what will cause various problems.

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Truck Tuning File Online

Truck | Boat| Tractor| Agricultural | Bus| Construction

We specialize in truck tuning file services online, ensuring optimized performance for Mercedes, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Man, DAF HGV and LGV, Boat Marine, Agricultural Machine, Buss, Tractor, Construction JCB Hitachi Volvo engines for more power and fuel efficiency.

Our expert team offers top-notch ECU programming solutions to enhance power, torque, and fuel efficiency. With our advanced tools and industry knowledge, we deliver reliable tuning files tailored to meet your truck's specific needs.

Experience the benefits of our truck tuning file service online, designed to give you an edge on the road. From increased horsepower to improved towing capabilities, our custom ECU programming optimizes your truck's performance. 

The truck engine remap will gain up to 20%-25% more Horse Power and torque which improves fuel economy by around 7-18% depending on the truck, HGV, tractor or marine boat model.

Over 22 years of expertise means our truck tune-up specialist can deliver the most reliable online file. The remap and programming of the ECU can be accomplished through post-processing.

In our office, on the bench BDM mode, the truck ecu file will be read, written and customized to unlock a lot more power and torque. 

Most of the trucks, buses, HGV, LGV, tractors and industrial are covered by our truck ecu remaps programming clone services. 

Trust our expertise to provide safe and efficient tuning solutions for a smoother driving experience.

Truck ecu programming, Birmingham. Truck ecu remap, Truck ecu coding, Truck gearbox ecu programming, UK HGV gearbox ecu cloning. Download the Truck remap file or download the HGV Remap file online. 


Truck, Tractor, HGV  Tuning File Service Stage1 |

 Stage 1 Remap File Online

Stage 1 remap file custom-made to improve experience increased horsepower, torque, and overall performance as our expert technicians optimize your Truck HGV, ECU programming for the best results.


 Adblue-SCR Delete |

Adblue SCR delete

We use adblue, SCR delete from ecu or combined solution to disable adblue.

After successful shutdown, the whole adblue system can be removed without data trouble codes.


Truck, Tractor, HGV Tuning File Service Stage 2 |

Stage 2 Remap Files Online

Stage 2 remap files online service is designed to take your vehicle's performance to the next level.

Will be a bigger increase in power and torque. Stg2 removes flat spot for more responsive drive and hgv and fuel efficiency.


7500 Ecu files  database

Database include 7500 files.

If you lost your Ecu File, SW Crash, Bad Ecu Flash, Error BDM Writing etc.

We offer any original Ecus file on Request

Chip Tuning Ecu File Online Service 24/7 

Cars | Van | Pickup | Motorcycle | Scooter | Truck | Agricultural | Construction Machinery 

Eco boost remap

With eco boost remap files for petrol diesel engine; most vehicles can achieve a lower rev range. Resulting remap fuel savings of up to 15-20% during normal driving.

Chip tuning fuel economy will tend to be better; which not only decreases the cost of fuel that you will have to pay, but it also minimizes your carbon footprint.

Fuel economy remap can be mixed with dpf remove, egr delete, gearbox programming; for more ecu services click here. 

Performance tuning

Performance tuning file stage 1,2,3+ service in automotive remapping industry.

We delivered the best performance remap file for diesel or petrol engine results; in better response from the engine; with increased torque and power of up to 30-35%; improved throttle response enhanced rev range and smoother power delivery.

Makes for both a more enjoyable and safer driving experience such as easier overtakes or motorway performance.

Fleet remapping

Fleet ecu remapping file service, it's available online or by post.

Will improve engine performance of your vehicle fleet. Our qualified engineers can deliver fuel savings to your business of up to 15%.

We use our tailor made economy remap file to programming ecu for fleet and commercial vehicle's agriculture, construction, lorries, HGV, trucks, vans, cars, pickup truck.

Our tuning file online service is available to you all day long.

You can easily tune ECU and TCU files in a few steps. 

We offer enhanced power, torque, and fuel consumption for all petrol and diesel engines.

With our tuning and files, the engine will work better and give you the best results.

Our esteemed supplier of premium custom remapped tuning software files for nearly all popular petrol and diesel vehicles.

Boost your vehicle performance. 

  • Custom stage 1, stage 2, stage3 remap.
  • High-quality chip tuning file online services.
    Agricultural, Truck, Tractor, Construction, Boat remapping files.
  • Motorcycle, Motorbike, Scooter tuning file.
  • Mobile tuning file service, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.
  • Best tuning file service, Low Prices.
  • Processing Time Around 30 min -1h (all files are modified by human engineer).
  • Real-time Fast support.
  • Customers Solutions

Car remapping Birmingham. Ecu programming West Midlands. Tuning file service online. Ecu remap Harborne. Chip tuning files online. Ecu programming Birmingham. Ecu clone West Midlands UK. 

Adblue / SCR OFF
Intake / Swirl flaps OFF
Lambda / O2 / NOx OFF
Speed Limiter / VM AX off
Throttle body / Shut off valve
Pop And Bangs / Crackles / Overrun
Popcorn / Hard Cut limiter Diesel
Sport display BMW/MINI
Rev Limiter
Rail pressure sensor calibration
MAP boost sensor calibration
Hard cut limiter

Hot start / Cold start Fix
Mass airflow sensor OFF MAF
Launch control
Torque monitoring OFF
Immo OFF
E85 Flex-Fuel
Cold Start
Octane adaptation
Cylinder on demand OFF
Readiness Calibration
Secondary Air Injection OFF
Exhaust Flap In The Muffler OFF
DSG Farts
Gearbox Tune

We offer free technical support for all our ecu programming, coding, ecu remap, tuning files online, immobilizer reset, airbag repair data crash, ecu clone, bricked ecu recovery, original ecu file databank, dpf removal file, egr delete,

Our online services are available around the world. Just a few clicks and your vehicle's engine will be optimizing.

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