Postal Remap

Postal ecu remap

DPF Delete | Tuning File | EGR Delete | Ecu Cloning 

Postal ecu remap stage 1, 2, 3+ cars

Tcu Clone | DPF Delete | EGR Delete | Ecu Programming

Cars Stage 1, 2, 3+ Remap by Post |

Ecu remap stage 1,2,3+ for all cars. The car engine will gain up to 35% extra power. 8%-15%fuel economy with dpf egr delete. Our expert engineering specialists use the latest genuine equipment to deliver the best tune remap for your car engine. Remap by post mixed with other programming services available here.

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Postal ecu remap pick-up truck

DPF Delete | EGR Removal | Tcu Remap

Pickup Truck Ecu Remap Stage 1, 2, 3

Pickup tuck postal ecu remap stage 1,2,3 with dpf egr delete, which is programmed to enhance the truck's overall engine performance and fuel economy.

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Postal ecu remap vans

EGR Solution | DPF Delete 

Van Postal Ecu Remapping

Van chip tuning service combined with egr & dpf deletes the engine performance will go up with 25%-35% and fuel economy 10% dependent on driving style. Overall, your van will drive smoother and the engine more responsive. 

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Postal ecu remap 

With the postal ecu remap service, no need to travel or that is cheaper than a regular chip tuning and ecu programming service garage.

We use our tailor made economy ecu remap files or performance ecu remapping stage 1, 2, 3+ to reprogram ecu for fleet and commercial vehicles.

Postal ecu remap service can be customised with dpf removal, egr delete, immobilizer reset, ecu flash programming software.

Ecu clone service

The ecu clone service and programming or original file data transfer from current vehicle ecu to new or refurbished donator ecu.  This means that you can plug the replacement in your car, motorcycle, truck, tractor, scooter, boat.

No further key immobiliser coding is needed.

Ecu clone service can mix at the same time with performance ecu remap, dpf delete software, egr removal, immobiliser off, ecu airbag reset. 

Tractor ecu remap, fuel economy

Agricultural ecu remap programming with dpf delete how works!  

SGTM can offer the solution for tractor fuel economy remaps by post for fleet agricultural machinery with custom-made fuel economy tuning file and agricultural engines for more power. 

We offer an ecu programming clone service for tractors and all agricultural vehicles.

How fuel economy remap will improve tractor and agricultural vehicle's performance. 

  • 8-15% Improved Fuel Economy 
  • 15-35% Extra Horsepower
  • 18-35% Extra Torque
  • Smoother Throttle Response
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Safer Overtaking
  • Enhanced Driveability

Bus Coach ecu remap

DPF Solution | Adblue Delete

Buses and coach ecu remap are one of the largest benefactors when it comes to tuning original ecu files.

Due to the large capacity engines fitted to buses, coach respond very well to remapping dpf, adblue delete.

Benefits of Buses' engine tuning:

  • Improved Horsepower
  • Improved Torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved engine tractability
  • Improved fuel consumption

Truck Hgv ecu remap

Truck DPF Delete | HGV Adblue Removal  

We offer ecu remap file or ecu clone by post for all late models Trucks, HGV, Volvo, Scania, Man, DAF, Renault, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, Astra Truck, Mack.

Postal remapping with dpf and adblue delete for Truck, HGV will not only improve the torque and fuel economy, but will also increase the engine power and drivability as well.

The HGV -Truck performance gains are commensurate with vehicle age, condition and mileage.

Motorhomes ecu remapping

 Ecu Clone Programming Motorhomes | DPF Removal | EGR Delete | Original File

Motor home ecu remapping will make the engine work more efficiently.

This means that it will generate more torque and engine horsepower, with a decent improvement in fuel economy of 6-12%.

Motorhome chip tuning of the engine will be more dynamic and more driving pleasure. 

The motorhomes ecu remap available in two different remaps levels, stage1, 2 will improve acceleration +15% of your caravan on long journeys.

The motorhome ecu remapping combined with egr removal and dpf delete will optimise: 

  • 6-12%   Fuel Economy 
  • 15-30% Engine Power Improved 
  • Smooth Throttle Response 
  • Motorcaravan Drivability 

Motorhomes Ecu Remapping |
Remap Option

Motorcycle ecu remapping 

We can fully customise ecu remapping, motorcycle according to engine upgrades or standard. 

Motorcycle remap programming service by post or online tuning file.

The bike engine performance will be optimised: 

  • Increase Power
  • Eliminate Flat Spots
  • Improve Throttle Response
  • Optimise any Engine Upgrade 

Motorcycle ecu clone programming available here.

Scooter ecu remap 

Scooter ecu remap programming or tuning files custom-made will improve scooter engine performance and fuel efficiency.

With the scooter ecu remaps service, the scooter engine performance will be optimised: 

  • Increase Power
  • Eliminate Flat Spots
  • Improve Throttle Response
  • Fuel Economy 

Also, we offer scooter ecu programming, ecu coding, ecu clone. 

Postal Ecu TCU Remapping

Usually we do postal ecu TCU remapping, customize with stage 1, 2, 3+ remap. The ecu remapping can include dpf removal, egr delete or any other tuning service. 

Postal ecu programming service will be done on the same day we receive it and put it back in the post.

For the postal ecu remapping service, we recommend using Royal Mail special delivery. Please let me know once you have sent it. It's a one-day working service and works really well. 


Include a return address label ready to be attached to your parcel. Also include a note with your name and the ecu programming service you require.

Ecu clone programming can be customized also with other services like; dpf removal, egr delete, adblue off, swirl flap delete, TVA remove, speed limiter remove, torque monitor disable, immobiliser data crash reset, airbag module repair, BCM module cloning and more.

Before choosing one of our services, ecu remap or tune file, you have to do an engine diagnostic check to be sure that the car engine is in good condition with no fault code.


If any significant faults are highlighted, we would advise you that they should first be rectified before remapping or tuning the file.

Ecu Dpf Removal Birmingham | Dpf Delete Uk

Ecu dpf delete software

How to delete the dpf software from ecu! 

We can offer the right solution for dpf deleting software from ecu, FAP removal, catalytic delete

Ecu dpf delete software, removal service can be customised with ecu remap stage 1, 2, 3+. 

This is the cheaper option than buying a new dpf, FAP, catalytic or clean diesel particle filter.

SGTM engineers are completely dedicated to finding the correct Dpf, FAP or Cat removal solution for any vehicle.

After catalityc, fap or dpf software will be deleted, the ecu will be calibrated and the problem and fault code will be eliminated.

The dpf delete service does not requair remap. Ecu remapping is optional.  

Ecu Egr Delete West Midlands | Ecu File Egr Removal Birmingham

Egr valve delete from ecu

Egr delete software without removing the egr valve ! 

Egr deleted from ecu is only the software only. This will remove the fault codes from ecu software.

The egr valve system will not continue to function unless or when the vehicle is returned to its original ecu file. 

After the egr valve was deleted from ecu software, it is not necessary to remove physically the egr valve. 

Benefit of egr deleting software from ecu:

improved engine performance

fuel economy and acceleration 

prevent dpf filter failure as the soot is caught in the dpf trap.

SGTM only offers egr solutions for off-road only. 

We do not assume any responsibility for customer decisions.

Regulation 61a is fines of up to £1,000 for a car or £2,500 for a light goods vehicle.

Bricked ecu recover

Ecu recovery software service    


How to recover from failure bricked ecu?

The recovery failure ecu is not an easier process, this operation must be done by professional engineer and high precision equipment.

We have a perfect solution to fix bricked ecu and to recover original stock software from bricked ecu.

What we offer:

High precision and best ecu tuning files.

Engine remapping life is not compromised.

More than 20 years in the automotive chip tuning industry.

Vehicle emission standards are not compromised.

Customer support before and after service.

For bricked ecu service, click here.

Ecu fault causes ?

What are the ECU fault causes and symptoms?

cheap ecu remap file service from another tuning company, you are likely to get a generic map.

— wrong protocol connection between ecu and programmer.

— without experience, people what try to flash ecu or remap. 

— wrong file write back.

— incorrect checksum.

— water and condensation inside.

— pin connection corrosion etc.

— vehicle ages 

All the ecu fault mentioned above are just a few examples.

A company offering cheap tuning files or ecu programming will most likely be using cheap Chinese clone tools.

Reading and writing ecu software can be very dangerous and can brick ecu easy. The ecu is an expensive part of car hardware.

If anything goes wrong, it will break ecu software in the writing and reading process. You end up with a broken ecu, a big repair bill and a vehicle that's off the road.

We only use the best quality and reliable automotive tools, which are the best in ecu programming and ecu remap tools with the right car programming software made for the automotive chip tuning industry.

With many years' experience behind, we can fix all most ecu corrupted software or bad ecu flash programming.

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